Vitsebsk: Barys Khamaida detained again

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Barys Khamaida, distributor of private socio-political press editions, was detained once again near the so-called ‘blue house’ in Lenin Street,27, where he usually distributes Nasha Niva, ARCHE and other editions.

At first a police patrol watched him for some time. Then they called for reinforcement. Soon riot police arrived to the site. Mr. Khamaida was surprised to see the riot police coming, as when the policemen came up to him and offered to come to the police station, he started packing his belongings on his own free will. The riot policemen didn’t do anything – they just watched him pack the newspapers.

The police officers said that they were ordered to take Barys Khamaida to the Chyhunachny district police department to see what editions he distributed. The oppositionist wasn’t surprised as he is usually detained several times a month. Usually police officers don’t even draw up any detention reports and let him go after keeping him at the station for some time, after which Mr. Khamaida again returns to his usual place.