Homel: authorities ban human rights picket

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Homel human rights defender Leanid Sudalenka and member of the BPF Party Anatol Paplauny have applied to Homel city executive committee for the authorization of the picket dated to the 61st anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Today the activists have received an answer to their application. ‘The executive committee refused us in holding this action. Now we’ll think what to do. We intended to hand out in Homel the text of the declaration and other human rights materials. In their refusal they state that we allegedly needed to conclude agreements with the communal services, the police and the ambulance,’ said Leadid Sudalenka.

The activist says that he intends to come out on 10 December and hand out copies of the Declaration. Sudalenka and Paplauny also intend to appeal against the ban at court.