‘Young Front’ press-secretary got expelled from Belarusian State University

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 3 December 3 the Young Front press-secretary Tatsiana Shaputska was expelled from the faculty of law of the Belarusian State University for her participation in the Civil Society Forum of Eastern Partnership in Brussels on 16-17 November.

‘10 days ago the deputy dean of my faculty told me that serious-minded people in serious agencies took interest in me after my visit to Brussels. On 3 December I was invited to the dean’s office and demonstrated an order on my expulsion signed by the BSU rector. However, no reasons were explained to me, and I was said that I could receive a copy of the order in the reception office.

To say the truth, I was shocked. I have a good progress and attendance, and a high average score. I was sure that by three-day absence in connection with participation in the Eastern Partnership Forum would result in just an admonition. The reasons for my expulsion weren’t stated in the copy of the order. According to this document, the expulsion was based upon my explanation note for three days absence and on two office memorandums. I haven’t been explained what kind of memos they were,’ Shaputska said.

Tatsiana Shaputska says she is going to require from the dean explanations concerning her expulsion. ‘It this won’t happen, I will apply to the court and the Education Ministry, for the rector to retract the order for expulsion,’ the press-secretary of the Young Front said.

Information about possible expulsion of the activist was received on the first day of the forum. A representative of the European Commission and Democracy and Human Rights panel moderator Eugeniusz Smolar posed the question about possible expulsion of Tatsiana Shaputska to the chairman of the official Federation of Trade Unions Leanid Kozik, who was taking part in the forum. Kozik answered that in case of Shaputska’s expulsion he would organize a manifestation in her support in the centre of Minsk.

However Tatsyana Shaputska says she is not surprised she has been banished even after a statement by the European Commission representative.

‘When on 3 December I learnt that oppositionists were sentenced to 15 days of arrest for staging a performance in the Centre of Minsk, and when I heard Lukashenka’s yesterday’s statement about his relations with Russia, I have nothing to wonder,’ Tatsiana Shaputska says. ‘Lukashenka has demonstrated that the vector of his policy has changed from European to Russian one. Oppositionists’ arrests and the statement of the Belarusian leader are demonstration trick made on the same day to show Europe it does not have influence on Lukashenka’s policy.’