Ales Mekh complains about police actions

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The civil and political activist Ales Mekh filed to Kobryn district court a complaint about actions of the police during the Dazhynki celebration on 19 September 2009.

Mr. Mekh asks the court to find unlawful his detention by the police officers because of an anonymous telephone call and make Kobryn district prosecutor’s office hold a check-up on his complaint.

As said by Ales Mekh, he has been waiting for apologies from the authorities and the police for the unlawful detention before his under-aged son’s eyes, and then decided to apply to the court.

Ales Mekh was detained by officers of Kobryn district police department, allegedly as a result of an anonymous call informing them that he possessed firearms and illegal drugs. Ales Mekh was guarded to the police station and searched. Haven’t found anything, the police officers released him 3.5 hours after the detention. The ‘anonymous misinformer’ hasn’t been found.