Former Parliament deputy candidate goes on hunger-strike

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According to the United Civil Party’s pres-service, Andrei Bandarenka, who was running for the Parliament in 2008, who is now serving a 7-year term for an economic crime, has embarked on a hunger-strike as a protest against the groundless sentence.
‘Mr. Bandarenka has chosen for himself this kind of protest. For my own part, I and a colleague of mine are using procedure means – drawing up a number of complaints. As for Andrei, all he can do is express his protest in this way’, says Mr. Bandarenka’s lawyer Zmitser Layeuski.
‘It is absolutely clear that Bandarenka has been persecuted because of his political activity. I do not know how long the strike will last, but it is not likely to be stopped in the near future’, says Aliaksandr Dabravolski, head of the UCPB’s Commission for Political Affairs.