Manager of Printing House Suits Non-State Newspaper

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Andrei Zavatski, the director of Barysau printing house, appealed against Borisovskie Novosti non-state newspaper and its journalist Anatol Mazhou with a suit on defending honor, dignity and business reputation.

The reason for the suit is an article called "Director’s Eccentricity or Adherence to Labour Law?" published by Borisovskie Novosti 7 October 2009.

The article is based on an anonymous letter sent to the editorial board by one of employees of the printing house. The author of the letter complained the director of the printing house Andrei Zavatski broke labour laws. Anatol Mazhou asked Mr. Zavatski to comment the letter, added comments by other employees and by an independent lawyer.

Despite the fact Andrei Zavatski’s comment was included into the article, he considered it to be abusive. The claimant asks for publishing a disclaimer and paying him 5 million rubles (about 1,250 EURO) for moral damage (4 million from the newspaper and 1 million from the journalist himself).

The first meeting on the case is appointed on 29 October.