Provocation against journalist Henadz Barbarych

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Unidentified persons smashed the window in the apartment of the journalist of the Belarusy i Rynak newspaper Henadz Barbarych.

The incident took place in the night of 9-10 October. As the journalist said to Radio Racyja, those who smashed the window returned later and tried to take out the bottle with which the window was smashed.

‘Before this, on my return from dacha, I saw that the ventilator window was open, but decided not to apply to the police as the window catch could be torn off by the window. However, at about 12 p.m. I heard a strike on the windowsill – the bottle remained in the window and a youngster in black coat and a black cap was running away.

In the morning after the incident Henadz Barbarych called the police, who took the beer bottle out of the window.

It is already the second such case. The first provocation against the journalist took place in 2002, when the journalist was working for the BelaPAN and wrote an article about the murder of an activist of the unregistered pro-Russian neo-Nazi group Russian National Unity, which took place before his windows.