UCP member Andrei Bandarenka sentenced to seven years of imprisonment

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The party leaders believe it is a ‘political sentence’ Despite the absence of sufficient evidence of misappropriation of 20 million rubles.The former independent MP candidate and businessman was sentenced by Pershamaiski district court to 7 years of imprisonment with property confiscation

According to the head of the political commission of the United Civil Party Alexander Dabravolski, this is nothing but a political sentence.

‘Neither the director not the commercial director of the firm Bandarenka worked for was summoned for the trial. He is a business consultant; he is punished because he had run for the parliament. Moreover, Bandarenka didn’t sign any papers, there are no proofs of his guilt. The case is so dark that it is unknown whether the money disappeared at all. The political order is evident.’

The lawyers of Andrei Bandarenka are going to file a cassation appeal.