Statkevich summonsed to own security department of MIA

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On 6 October the coordinator of the European coalition Mikalai Statkevich was summonsed to the security bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The politician believes he was not the only person to be summonsed there, as the case of the beating of the participants of the 16 September action in Minsk is being investigated. However, he is convinced the police hold the investigation not to restore the justice. ‘It is done for Europe, with the hope that the sanctions will be lifted, after which they would be able to do such things with complete impunity’, commented Statkevich to the Belarusian Partizan.

‘I understand why I was summonsed to the police. There was the reaction of the Swedish EU presidency and the embassies of some European countries. Minsk was given to understand that in the case the dispersal of small actions in such a way continued, the cooperation with Europe could be curtailed.

On 7 October I decided to come to the MIA and told how everything happened. I was proposed to undergo forensic expertise, which looks quite ridiculous three weeks after the beating. I still have problems with joints, though – I had them X-rayed yesterday. I wrote down on the minutes they were leading that I would not complain to those who ordered the beating about those who just implemented the orders.

It is imitation of justice. I was shown several photos which were rather small and of a bad quality. I recognized the head of the punitive operation, but was not sure about the others. I was told that the MIA received many complaints and therefore was holding an internal investigation. I am deeply convinced it is done with the hope that Europe would lift the sanctions, so that after it they would be able to do it without any punishment at all,’ explained Mikalai Statkevich.