Pressurization of Union of Poles in disgrace continues

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In Ivianets officers of law enforcement agencies pressurize members of the disgraced Union of Poles in Belarus, headed by Anzhalika Borys.

Policemen pay visits to members of the organization and threaten them with dismissals from work, large fines and other repressions unless they leave the independent organization. Those who used to donate considerable sums of money for communal payments for the Polish House are made to give sample signatures and are threatened with deprival of wages. The lawyer Alexander Haliyeu is convinced that such actions of the law machinery are lawless and the stated reasons for them look absurd:

‘The anonymous letter that serves the reason for this check-up informs that the Polish House received illegal donations in 2000-2001. However, the Polish House started its activities in Ivianets only in 2003’, he says.

During the recent weeks the authorities increased the pressurization of Ivianets branch of the non-recognized UPB: the Stat Control Committee in cooperation with the police and the tax inspection are holding a check-up of the financial activities of the Polish House and the head of the local UPB branch Tereza Sobal has been several times called for long interrogations.