Thousands of Belarusians ask Russian president to stop negotiations on NPP

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More than five thousands of Belarusian citizens signed the address to the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, asking the official to stop the negotiations on constructing a nuclear power plant in Belarus.

In the address it is stated that Lukashenka initiated the negotiations with Russian on constructing a nuclear power plant in Belarus, but his political will does not reflect the wishes of other Belarusians who received a considerable doze of radiation against their will as a result of the accident at Chernobyl nuclear power station 23 years ago.

The authors of the address also turn Medvedev’s attention to the fact that Article 18 of the Constitution of Belarus states the ‘non-nuclear way of the country’s development’. Taking into account the post-Chernobyl moods of Belarusians and the statistics of the illnesses caused by the Chernobyl accident, the signers ask the head of the Russian state to stop any negotiations concerning the construction of the nuclear power plant in Belarus.

‘We, Belarusians, want to live in a peaceful country and have friendly relations with our neighbors, not be co-hostages of the nuclear ambitions,’ is emphasized in the address, whose copies were also submitted to the Russian speaker Vladimir Putin and the president of RosAtom Sergey Kiriyenko.