Mazyr: Civil activist Pavel Nazdra detained and guarded to district court

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The reason for the detention is that the local military enlistment office accuses the activist of violating the rights of military registration for the third time already.

Mr. Nazdra served in the army ten years ago. The military enlistment office accuses Pavel of not informing that he got a job at the local housing economy.

‘It is all a result of my activism. Even the military prosecutor who came to check-up the military enlistment office, told me that I just got ‘within eyeshot’ as a result of my civil activities,’ Pavel Nazrda said.

Last year the court twice fined the activist for this ‘violation’. This year the pedagogic university, where Pavel worked as an electrician, did not extend his labor contract. In July the military enlistment office again drew up a report against him for not informing about his dismissal. However, the court declined the pretensions of the military enlistment office and dropped the charges.

The same day the deputy commissar Yury Prakapenka issued to Pavel a writ, and on 25 August major Aliakseyenka drew up another report against the activist, for not informing that he got a job.

The trial was appointed on 8 September, and the writ was handed to Pavel’s mother, that’s why he received it only on 11 September. Judge Mazai ordered the police to forcedly take the activist to the trial.

Mr. Nazdra asked some time for familiarization with the case materials. He appealed to the prosecutor’s office against the groundless order for him to be guarded to the court by force and also asked to issue a protest against the last year’s court verdict.

Mazyr district court also received Nazdra’s suit against Yury Prakapenka, on compensation of the moral damage ensuing from the groundless attempt to draw the plaintiff to administrative responsibility in July for alleged violation of the rules of military registration.