Secret services to become first readers of Pavel Seviarynet’s new book?

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On 6 September Pavel Seviarynets, head of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party, gave the manuscript of his new novel to Dzianis Sadouski for making a Xerox copy. Mr. Sadouski passed the manuscript to a friend. KGB and police searched the apartment that was rented by this friend.

They left to the owner of the apartment only a document witnessing the fact of the search, but no documents about the confiscation of any things.


‘It is a shock for me’, says Pavel Seviarynets. ‘I haven’t faced anything of the kind earlier. It was a literary work about Belarus under the working title Heart of Light. Now officers of security services will be its first readers.’

Mr. Seviarynets intends to get the novel returned. He has already filed complaints with the police department and the prosecutor’s office of Tsentralny district of Minsk.