Head of Supreme Court refused to discuss judicial come-offs again

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As said by the resident of Babruisk Liubou Sankevich, the head of the Supreme Court Valiantsin Sukala refused to discuss the problem of judicial come-offs with a group of women who disagree with the court decisions on their civil cases or the criminal cases against their relatives, for the third time.

On 7 September 26 women from all parts of the country came to Mr. Sukala for personal audience. ‘It was our third attempt to meet with the head of the Supreme Court for the last three months’. We stood waiting in the stuffy reception room for four hours and received a denial as a result,’ Liubou Sankevich said.

According to her, the officials of the Supreme Court have been sending come-offs to their review complaints for several years already. ‘As far as Sukala refused to discuss the issue of come-offs, on 17 September we will come for an audience with the head of the presidential administration Uladzimir Makei,’ added Mrs. Sankevich.

Reference note: On 16 March 2001 Liubou Sankevich was dismissed from the position of the senior accountant at Babruisk factory of tractor details and aggregates, a branch of Minsk Tractor Plant. The court instances of Belarus turned down her lawsuit on rehabilitation at work, after which she applied to the prosecutor’s office. In 2008 the office of the Prosecutor General issued two protests against the court verdict in her case, but the Supreme Court refused to grant these protests.