Vaukavysk district court justifies oppositionists

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Vaukavysk district court retried the case of eight members of the United Civil Party and justified them.

Before this, on 8 June the court fined the eight activists for an action in support of the political prisoner Mikalai Autukhovich (they stood near the local market with his portraits). All defendants pleaded innocent. Hrodna oblast court abolished the verdict after finding that the policemen questioned witnesses several days after the detention and put down their names in the protocols that had been already signed by the detainees. The case was returned to Vaukavysk court.

The ‘witnesses’, whom nobody had seen at the action, could not tell anything about the event. It is quite interesting that all of them are officers of the local executive committee. The court abolished its previous verdict and justified the UCP members. It also addressed the head of Vaukavysk district police department for punishing the police officers for their unlawful actions within the frames of either administrative or criminal code.