‘Young Front’ activist Andrei Tsianiuta addressed Russian education minister concerning his expulsion from Bryans Agricultural Academy

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Andrei Tsianiuta. Photo by svaboda.org.

Andrei Tsianiuta. Photo by svaboda.org.

Andrei Tsianiuta, activist of the Young Front from Homel, has addressed the Russian education minister with an open letter in connection with his recent expulsion from Bryans Agricultural Academy.

In this letter Mr. Tsianiuta complains about unlawful action of workers of the academy. He states that his groundless expulsion was inspired by the Belarusian security services. A.Tsianiuta asks the education minister to discriminate in the situation.


‘I have been a correspondent student at Bryansk Agricultural Academy since 2007’, writes Andrei Tsianiuta. ‘I studied on a paid basis. On 21 June 2009 the local police inspector came to my apartment and handed a writ to the military enlistment office. I was very surprised with it, because according to the Belarusian legislation I had the right to determent from the military service at the time of education. I mailed to the military enlistment office a paper witnessing that I was a student, and got an answer that I had been expelled as an unachieving student by rector’s order dated 16 July. In fact, I passed all exams. To clear up the situation I went to Navazybkau, where the branch of Bryansk Agricultural Academy where I study is situated.

I met with an officer of the chancellery Tatsiana Sivets, who stated that I would have studied without any problems if I had stopped doing silly things (I am an activist of the Young Front, an organization not registered by the Belarusian authorities). She also stated that I was writing nonsense on the web. According to her, I failed an end-of-term test 1.5 years ago and was expelled for it. But I had no failed tests! Moreover, how could I have studied so much time, three terms, without passing a test? Can it happen anywhere at all? At the chancellery I was given rector’s order #86 of 16 June 2009 about my expulsion for a failed test. This ‘order’ was signed only by the head of the chancellery T.Saldatsenka. Neither the dean, nor the rector signed it. The official seal of the academy was also absent at this ‘document’. I’d like to turn Your attention to the fact that the order was dated 16 June, which means that the dean and the rector had enough time to sign it by 8 August. I again emphasize that I was informed about the expulsion neither before, nor after it. A copy of the ‘order’ is attached. I find all these events very suspicious and contradicting not only to the laws of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, but also to the common sense. I think that this event was inspired by the Belarusian security services who involved the academy workers in it. I ask you to discriminate in this situation and take the appropriate measures.’