Leanid Autukhou fined 1.4 million rubles for celebrating Independence Day

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Leanid Autukhou

Leanid Autukhou

Judge of Haradok the district court found Leanid Autukhou guilty of organizing an unauthorized action and fined him 1.4 million rubles (about $487).

On 27 June the local oppositionists led by chairman of the Haradok branch of the BPF party Leanid Autukhou went to the town central square to congratulate town dwellers on the anniversary of adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty of Belarus. The oppositions raised national flags and shouted ‘Long Live Belarus!’

The authorities cancelled the holiday after the referendum in 1996 that also gave unlimited power to Alexander Lukashenka. Independence Day is now officially celebrated on the Day of liberation of Minsk from Nazi Invaders on 3 July. The democratic community continues to celebrate the Independence Day on 27 July.