KGB is reluctant to explain reasons for warning to Yan Roman

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Ihar Siarheyenka, head of Hrodna oblast KGB department, refuses to explain the reasons for an official warning to Yan Roman, journalist for Radio Racyja.

Having received the warning, Yan Roman, assisted by the lawyers of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, addressed the head of Hrodna oblast KGB department with a request to explain the grounds for the investigation and search operations towards him and answer why KGB officers believed that he presented incorrect information to foreign media, discrediting the Republic of Belarus.

Yan Roman asked the security services to give a concrete answer with examples from his articles. However, the head of Hrodna oblast KGB ignored his demands and ‘warned’ that the latter could commit a crime if he continued his professional activities. The officer also stated that the journalist could apply to the court if he disagreed with such answer. The journalist considers such treatment as disregard of the Belarusian legislation.


‘In his answer the head of Hrodna oblast KGB department informed that no search and investigation operations have been performed. However, in the text of the official warning that was put on the KGB website it is stated that during the search and investigation operations KGB officers found that I was collaborating with foreign media and presented wrong information to them,’ said Yan Roman.

The journalist was served an official warning about the inadmissibility of unlawful actions in April 2009, for allegedly presenting to foreign media incorrect and tendentious information about the social, economical, political, ethnic and religious situation in Belarus. In the case the journalist ‘continues violating the law’, a criminal case under Article ‘Discredit of the Republic of Belarus’ can be brought against him.