Search in apartment of member of Belarusian Christian Democracy

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A search has been performed in the apartment of Yury Zhylko, member of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party.

As said by an activist of the Young Front Pavel Krasouski, Yury Zhylko went abroad for working and left him a warrant for using the apartment. Police officers showed Pavel a warrant for examination of the apartment, signed by prosecutor of Zhodzina. They said that, according to their information, there were some narcotic drugs or spirits there. However, on entering the apartment, they started looking for books and confiscated a number of informational materials, including the BCD bulletins. The police officers refused to answer the question within the frames of which criminal case they were acting.

Pavel Krasouski also said that men in plain clothes tried to enter the apartment in the morning. They opened the door with a special device, but went away when they saw him.