Christian democrats rejected registration completely

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Supreme Court dismissed a complaint of founder of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party and agreed with the position of the Ministry of Justice.

The party members go to law to cancel the decision of the ministry, which refused to register the BCD party, radio Svaboda reports.

The BCD representatives told the court the decision of the Ministry of Justice was political motivated. The BCD activists, fired for their political views, had a ward at the trial. Judge of the Supreme Court Valery Samalyuk heard the witnesses, who had given their signatures for BCD registration. The witnesses told about the threats from administration and KGB officers. But the Supreme Court took the side of the Ministry of Justice on July 23.

The Belarusian Christian Democracy applied the Ministry of Justice for registration on March 12.

The Ministry of Justice denied registration to the BCD several times. Representatives of the ministry said last time that the party founders had allegedly transfer the state duty for registration (1.750.000 rubles) to a wrong account.

Before the trial, BCD co-founder Paval Sevyarynets expressed scepticism over the fact the court could support the opposition party.

“The chances that the court will cancel the decision of the Ministry of Justice are rather bad,” he told before the court decision was announced. “But we have the chances. It depends not on legal mattes but on a political decision. Decisions are taken not in accordance with the law, but in accordance with the current political situation. We will strive for registration in spite of the negative court decision.”