Officer of Almaz special unit kidnap oppositionists in Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

“Young Front” activists Nasta Palazhanka and Dzyanis Karnou identified the man who had been in charge of their kidnapping on March 25.

We remind that “Young Front” activists Nasta Palazhanka and Dzyanis Karnou were detained by unknown people on Freedom Day March 25 some hours before the rally. Dzyanis Karnou was beaten up, his jeans were cut, and his money was seized.

The young activists knew by a photo the man who had been in charge of the kidnapping. As the website informs, he is probably Alyaksandr Lyavonenka, an officer of Almaz, a special anti-terroristic unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus.

Lyavonenka worked in the President’s Security Service before. It is said that he took part in kidnapping ORT operator Zmitser Zavadski and later drove his car to the airport. After forceful kidnapping of Zavadski a facial composite, resembling Lyavonenka, was constructed. Lyavonenka was arrested but later excluded from the list of the suspected o unknown grounds.

Lyavonenka was also mentioned in the case of beating presidential candidate Alyaksandr Kazulin in 2006 – the Almaz officer was pictured by journalists. The “Young Front” activist recognized the Almaz officer by these photos.

According to the activists, the man bearing strong resemblance to Lyavonenka, was the main in the group. He drove the car, took away mobile phones, drew the cap on Dzyanis Karnou, and made them get out of the car.

Statements on investigation of involvement of Alyaksandr Lyavonenka in kidnapping “Young Front” activists were sent to the Frunzenski district prosecutor’s office and militia department on behalf of Nasta Palazhanka and Dzyanis Karnou.

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