Zhodzina: liquidation of Belarusian-language education motivated by crisis

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Zhodzina town executive committee rules to stop the Belarusian-language program of instruction at the local gymnasium.

The local authorities, referring to economical crisis and the necessity to save the finances, decided to liquidate the priority Belarusian-language education in gymnasium #1 in Zhodzina. For this Zhodzina executive committee adopted ruling #928 of 23 June 2009 on liquidating the only Belarusian-language form in the region.

It is already the third attempt to liquidate education with the Belarusian language of instruction. The first attempt was made by the Belarusian officials in 2004-2005 and the second in 2008.

bear in mind that one of the pupils of the form is Yanka Lapitski, whose parents have spent much effort for protection of his right to education in mother-tongue.