Authorities to bring up young Stalinists soon?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

An experimental military and patriotic camp for teenagers is opened near Minsk. Teenagers will run battle marches, shoot from combat arms and have trainings with the riot police militia, STV channel reports. By the way, it is riot police who are responsible for groundless violence against participants of peaceful demonstrations.

The organizers plan to enlist some groups of teenagers and train them during the whole summer. These projects are planned to be included in the new movement Young Follower of Dzierzhynski.

Feliks Dzierzhynski is known as the first chairman of the All-Russia Extraordinary Commission to Combat Counter-revolution and Sabotage (the Cheka) and one of the organizers of the Red Terror. As a Cheka chief, he carried out a cruel policy of repressions against opponents of the Bolshevik regime. He initiated mass terror and provocations, was one of the organizers of the mass terror in the Crimea from November 1920 to March 1921, where about 500 people were executed according to official Soviet data. Dzierzhynski became head of the GPU (State Political Directorate) in 1922. Thus, Belarusian teenagers will be trained in the name of a man, who swamped thousands of people in blood.