Russian neo-Nazi threaten to journalist of Charter’97 website Natallia Radzina

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 8 July the article titled RBU leader granted amnesty in honour of the 65th anniversary of liberation of Belarus from Nazi troops was published on the website . The article told how one of the leaders of the so called Russian National Unity (RNU) in Homel didn’t carry condign punishment for beating people, but was convicted under Article 193,1 ‘activity on behalf of an unregistered organization’ and granted amnesty before the judgment of conviction took effect.

An anti-Semitic letter with physical menace was sent to the website from a visitor who signed as Miroslav. Here is the text of the letter, spelling and punctuation preserved:

‘Whenever one goes on holidays, kikes-liberals start tripping on the right. Achtung, editor Radina Natallya, mobile phone (...)! You’ve been warned that you should be quiet and not lash out at the right patriots, or your pretty ass will run into group service! Don’t you understand the Russian Language or does it turn you, old bag, on? Our fighters would like this in a dark yard near Pobedy square. Know your place, you, skunk! 88!”