Representative of Belarusian Christian Democracy not allowed to familiarize with pretensions of the Ministry of Justice

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The responsible secretary of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party Dzianis Sadouski paid a visit to the Supreme Court to familiarize with the documents where the pretensions of the Ministry of Justice because of which the BCD was not registered, were stated.

He requested these documents for familiarization, but was issued only copies of the documents that were filed by the organizing committee of the party for registration. The documents of the Ministry of Justice were not presented.

As stated by Dzianis Sadouski, the matter is that it is desirable to familiarize with the pretensions of the Ministry of Justice to the BCD before the court consideration of its suit against non-registration by the ministry.  According to the agreement that was reached at the preliminary meeting of the sides, the Supreme Court obliged the ministry to provide the necessary documents. However, the ministry ignored the demands of the court.

Mr. Sadouski believes that by such actions the Ministry of Justice just wants to conceal the dirty schemes that were used for pressurization of the founders of the party.

The trial of the lawsuit of the BCD against the Ministry of Justice will be considered by the Supreme Court on 20 July.