Political prisoner Artsiom Dubski transferred to pre-trial prison in Babruisk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Young Front activist will be kept in the pre-trial detention facility until his case is considered by higher instances. The Young Front press service learnt the information that Artsiom Dubski was guarded to the Babruisk pre-trial detention center from a duty officer of Asipovichy police department.

Bear in mind that Artsiom Dubski was arrested in the district court of Asipovichy 7 on July, after the court found him guilty of violation of the rules of serving punishment of restraint of liberty. On 22 April 2008 Dubski was sentenced to two years of personal restraint for participation in a rally of entrepreneurs held in Minsk in January 2008. The youth activist had to leave for Ukraine as the police officers had given him two far-fetched warnings for violation of the rules of serving. Dubski was detained in Homel on 13 February 2009 on his way to Minsk where he was going to take part in a street action devoted to St. Valentine’s Day. The oppositionist was guarded to the pre-trial detention prison in Asipovichy (at his place of residence) and then transferred to a detention facility in Babruisk. Dubski was released on his own recognizance on 15 April.