Informational campaign against political persecution of democratic activists

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Representatives of 17 youth organizations launch an informational campaign against the political persecution of democratic activists.

The youth democratic organizations call on the authorities to stop all forms of politically motivated harassment of youth. An appropriate resolution was adopted during the round table Cooperation of Youth Organizations that was held by the Assembly of Pro-democratic NGOs. Among the organizations that have signed the document there are Young Democrats, Young Front, Young Belarus, MODES, etc.

In the text of the Resolution representatives of the youth organizations state absence of considerable positive changes in Belarus. They point at Article 193.1 of the Criminal Code, which is still in action. Besides, the pressurization of youth activists by the authorities has acquired new forms. In particular, politically active youth are drafted into the army without a proper medical examination. Officials ban mass actions and hinder their holding.

From this document it follows that the youth will continue its efforts on stopping the practice of forced drafting into the army and getting Article 193.1 abolished, which means abolition of prohibition of activities on behalf of unregistered NGOs in all legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus.