Head of Lukashenka’s administration Makei speaks on death penalty moratorium

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Uladzimir Makei, head of the Administration of President Lukashenka, has promised to declare a moratorium on executing death penalties in Belarus in case the country establishes close relationships with the Council of Europe.
‘In case Belarus decides to join the Council of Europe, we will have to raise the issue of introducing a moratorium on the death penalty,’ says Mr.Makei.
‘The issue of the death penalty should not be considered as something stiff. I have had a meeting with Mr.Rigoni, PACE Special Rapporteur on Belarus, and we were discussing the issue for a long time. We have already reduced the number of criminal articles providing for the death penalty, and in practice the sentence has begun to be seldom used. Moreover, the issue should be viewed in the context of Belarus’ membership in the Council of Europe. So far, we only consider the return of the special guest status. In case Belarus joins the CE we will have to do it – declare a moratorium on the death penalty,’ said the official.