Apartment of Young Front member searched by police

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Andrei Tsianiuta

Andrei Tsianiuta

As a result of an unauthorized search of the apartment of Andrei Tsianiuta, Young Front Homel activist, the police seized various printed materials and a personal computer.
The activist had earlier been fined for participating in a Mother Language Day rally. However, Andrei Tsianiuta was unable to pay the fine due to financial straits.
As a result, the activist’s apartment was visited by court executors. After Mr.Tsianiuta refused to open the door, the executors call the police, who broke into the flat and, seeing independent newspapers and national insignia, called for an investigator.
‘The investigator is now making an unsanctioned search. There are no important materials or documents in the apartment; still, the investigator threatens to seize the badges and the printed materials, including the books by Vasil Bykau,’ said Andrei Tsianiuta.