Mitigation of sentences to two participants of ‘process of 14’

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Tsentralny district court of Minsk has considered the proposals of the police on mitigation of sentences to Ales Charnyshou and Ales Straltsou, both of whom have 2 months and 15 days of personal restraint left to serve.

As a result personal restraint was replaced with corrective labor. It means that the activists will have to pay 15% of their wages to the state during the time left to the end of the sentence.

Last year Ales Charnyshou and Ales Straltsou were sentenced to 18 months of personal restraint within the limits of the ‘process of 14’ on accusation in organization of mass riot during the protest action of entrepreneurs in January 2008.

However, despite the fact that Charnyshou and Straltsou are not serving personal restraint any longer, they still have no right to go abroad without a special permission.