Belarusian Green Party is indignant at mass killing of dogs in Minsk

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The Belarusian Green Party demands from the Chamber of Representatives of the National Assembly to urgently adopt a law that would protect animals from violent treatment. This demand is set forth a resolution of the central council of the BGP.

As stated to the BelaPAN by the leader of the party Aleh Novikau, the reason for the address to the authorities is that last week mass putting down of homeless dogs took place at Minsk enterprise City’s Fauna that deals with capture and keeping of homeless animals. The majority of the animals were healthy, vaccinated and were taken care after by volunteers.

According to some sources, the administration of the enterprise intends to hold such actions regularly.

‘During the last months a serious deterioration of the conditions for animals could be observed at the enterprise. The administration of City’s Fauna restricts the access of the volunteers who spend their means and efforts on easing the suffering of the animals,’ is stated in the BGP resolution.

 The party demands humanization of the legal provisions for capture and keeping of homeless animals. ‘In order to achieve this, the services that deal with it must be excluded from the system of the housing economy as soon as possible, because of the specific according to which living beings are considered only as garbage that needs to be liquidated,’ believes Mr. Novikau.

He says, the BGP is ready to work out the appropriate draft law and pass it to the Chamber of Representatives and the center for lawmaking at the presidential administration. ‘I hope that this draft law will be ready by the autumn session of the parliament,’ said Aleh Novikau.

The party members are also calling all concerned people to take animals away from City’s Fauna in order to provide normal life conditions to them.