Hrodna: Andrei Pachobut warned by prosecutor

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Andrei Pachobut, journalist and blogger, correspondent for Gazeta Wyborcza

Andrei Pachobut, journalist and blogger, correspondent for Gazeta Wyborcza

The member of the disgraced Union of Poles in Belarus Andrei Pachobut was summoned to Hrodna oblast prosecutor's office and read an official warning about inadmissibility of violations of the Belarusian legislation. Pachobut was warned that he had no right to introduce himself as the chairman of the Main Council of the Union of Poles in Belarus and was prohibited to use the UPB symbols.


The reason for the warning was the letter from the office of the prosecutor general, to which representatives of the UPB in disgrace applied in connection with insulting information that was broadcast on the Belarusian TV. In the TV report it was stated that the delegates of the 7th UPB Congress called Poles a supreme race. The address to the prosecutor's office was signed by Andrei Pachobut.


'The office of the prosecutor general does not want to consider our complaint and is not interested in the fact that the Belarusian TV foments national enmity. It is rather interested in our Union of Poles and in the fact that we have no official status. This warning will have no effect on my and organization's activities. I stated it to the prosecutor who read the warning to me,' Mr. Pachobut commented.


Andrei Pachobt considers the warning as a manifestation of the irritation of the authorities with activities of the UPB in disgrace on the eve of the Congress of the other Union of Poles in Belarus, the pro-governmental one that has legal status in Belarus.