Ivan Shyla is tried in absentia

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The court of Salihorsk considered Ivan Shyla’s complaint against the military enlistment office. Shyla demands the court to find illegal the actions of military and doctors during his forceful draft into the army.

The commanders of the military unit near Lepel where the Young Front activist is serving didn’t allow Ivan Shyla to attend the trial. In spite of the motion of his father, the court found it possible to hear the complaint in absence of Shyla, RFE/RL reports.

The judge of the Salihorsk court Siarhei Samuilik dismissed the motion of Uladzimir Shyla, father of the Young Front activist, and Pavel Sapelka who asked to secure the claimer’s presence at trial.

The other side was represented by Mikalai Barodzka, the head of the draft board of Salihorsk military enlistment office. The army man was asked who had decided to call up Ivan Shyla without carrying out the necessary medical examination (the recruit didn’t undergo medical tests his heart wasn’t examined, etc). Colonel Barodzka was asked to answer why Ivan Shyla hadn’t been given a chance to appeal against the decision of the draft board. The army man didn’t answer the questions explaining he needed an additional consultation to answer them.

Meanwhile, the conditions of army service have worsened for Ivan Shyla. He got 35 duties. Moreover, he must spend 7 days in confinement facility for using a mobile telephone. Ivan Shyla said the commanders promised he wouldn’t be signed out for weekends for the remaining period of service.