Andrei Mikalayeu is pressurized at work

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The representative of Navapolatsk club of historical reconstruction Iron Wolf Andrei Mikalayeu has been summoned to the local education department. The authorities demanded that he immediately vacated the premises at the local center of extracurricular education where he worked with problem teenagers. The authorities also stated that his labor contract would hardly be prolonged, but did not explain the reasons.

As human rights defenders learned, the education department was irritated with Mikalayeu’s position concerning the Belarusian language and historical heritage but the reason for the reprisals was his participation in the constituent assembly of the civil human rights association Nasha Viasna on 29 March.

Bear in mind that the creative association Iron Wolf was created in 1997 as a historical reconstruction club. The clubbers participated in theatric plays knight feasts and shooting of such movies as An Eye for an Eye and Enemies and organized a number of artistic exhibitions.