Minsk: detentions instead of pro-life actions

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As it follows from the answer of Minsk city executive committee, received by the co-chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party Aliaksei Shein, on 2 June the territory of the Druzhby Narodau Park will be cleansed. The BHD secretary Dzianis Sadouski was informed that the action near the maternity hospitals will hinder the public order.

Bear in mind that Aliaksei Shein applied to Minsk CEC for authorization of a picket in Banhalor Square with the aim to draw the public attention to abortions.

Dzianis Sadouski applied for authorization of three pickets. The first of them was to have taken place on 3 June near clinical hospital #1 (Nezalezhnastsi Avenue 64), the second – on 5 June, near the Republican scientific-practical center Mother and Child (Arlouskaya Street 66) and the third – on 6 June near clinical hospital #5 (Filatau Street 9). All these actions were planned within the frames of the BHD campaign Strong Family – Strong Belarus, launched in January 2009.

The activists of the youth fraction of the BHD Iryna Hubskaya, Liubou Kameneva and Zmitser Tamkovich were detained by the presidential security and then passed to the police for an attempt to hang out a streamer ‘Thank God you mother did not abort you!’ In this way the activists wanted to remind Minsk dwellers about the International Child Protection Day.

The police guarded the detainees to Tsentralny district police department of Minsk.