Uladzimir Labkovich: We can forecast that ‘Nasha Viasna’ won’t be registered again

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Uladzimir Labkovich

Uladzimir Labkovich

Members of the civil human rights association Nasha Viasna, the documents for the state registration of which have been once again passed to the Ministry of Justice, inform that officers of the Ministry of Justice calls to their jobs and ask various questions concerning the life and activities of the people who became the founders of the NGO.

Human rights activists consider such actions as searching for new, falsified reasons for another registration denial. The founders of Nasha Viasna consider the fact that the specialist of the Ministry of Justice Alexander Kharyton has been again put in charge of the check-up of the pack of documents, filed by Nasha Viasna as a hint that the ministry is not going to register the association.

Moreover, on 12 May the Belarusian TV broadcast a program with false accusations and insults addressed to human rights defenders and their organization.

The legal representative of the interests of the founders of Nasha Viasna, human rights activist Uladzimir Labkovich concludes that another campaign on discredit of human rights defenders has been launched.

‘Everything witnesses that the authorities still aren’t going to implement their undertakings on ensuring of the right to freedom of association. We can forecast that the human rights civil association Nasha Viasna will not be registered again, and we will share the fate of the political party Belarusian Christian Democracy (that have been denied registration lately) and other civil organizations. This situation eloquently proves that there are no system changes in Belarus and human rights defenders have no factual opportunity to legally act in the country,’ says the human rights defender.