Military court refuses to confess drafting of Franak Viachorka unlawful

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Belarusian Military Court left in force the verdict of the inter-garrison military court, according to which the forced drafting of Franak Viachorka into the army corresponded to the national legislation.

Bear in mind that at the end of January Franak Viachorka was seized by people in mufti and guarded to Savetski district military enlistment office of Minsk. There he was beaten and then taken to a military unit in Baranavichy with his hands in handcuffs.

On 7 February Franak gave the oath of allegiance and was directed to a military unit in Mazyr. In hils lawsuit Franak stated that earlier, when he was passing medical examination, people in mufti burst into his ward and forcedly took him to the military enlistment office. After it he appealed against the forcible actions of the military officers. The drafting was then suspended till trial, but the case was tried in the plaintiff’s absence.