Pressurization of Astravets activists continues

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 5 May a police officer visited the apartment of the member of the organizing committee of the civil initiative Astravets nuclear power station is a crime Ivan Kruk to interrogate the latter concerning distribution of the informational materials dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of Chernobyl accident and the official plans of constructing a nuclear power station in Astravets.

‘It means that the legal proceedings concerning distribution of Astravetski Vesnik may have some continuation,’ comments the member of Astravets nuclear power station is a crime Mikalai Ulasevich. ‘It is quite interesting that I have already received a written answer from the Ministry of Information to our joint complaint with Kruk for issuing to us Xerox copies of all process materials on the administrative case that was brought against us under Article 22.9, part 2 of the Administrative Code. From the letter, signed by the first deputy minister Liliya Ananich it follows that there were no reasons to draw me to administrative responsibility and the Ministry of Information composed no process documents. It means that at present I have another evidence of the self-will of the police.’


Mikola Ulasevich and Ivan Kruk have also submitted another joint complaint to the Constitutional Court and the General Procuracy, after on 22 April the police again visited their apartments to hand them the warnings about inadmissibility of holding unauthorized actions on the 23rd anniversary of Chernobyl tragedy.