Homel: police warn ‘For Freedom’ coordinator Uladzimir Katsora

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Uladzimir Katsora

Uladzimir Katsora

On 6 May the police reminded Uladzimir Katsora about administrative responsibility for violation of the law On mass actions that could take place during commemoration of Yury Zakharanka on the tenth anniversary of disappearance.

At about 9 p.m. two men in the police uniform ringed on the doorbell of Katsora’s apartment and offered him to sign the paper that he was warned about responsibility for possible violations of the law.

‘Naturally, I refused to it. Such a procedure towards me as a politician looks ridiculously: I have served five administrative arrests and have often received fines,’ says the activist.

The coordinator of For Freedom movement in Homel oblast Uladzimir Katsora believes that the visit of the police is related to the tenth anniversary of the kidnapping of the ex-minister of interior Yury Zakharanka. The democratic activists of Homel oblast intend to hold a number of events dated to this mournful anniversary.

‘Everything is upside down in our state – civil and political activists remind the authorities and the society about disappearance of the former minister, while his colleagues – police officers – make everything to hinder it,’ commented Mr. Katsora.