Belarusian Language Society demands that a Belarusian TV channel be established by autumn

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Aleh Trusau, Chair of the Belarusian Language Society

Aleh Trusau, Chair of the Belarusian Language Society

In the beginning of April the head of the Belarusian Language Society Aleh Trusau addressed the head of the presidential administration Uladzimir Makei with the request to establish a Belarusian-language TV channel. According to Mr. Trusau, absence of such a channel deprives the citizens of holistic informational space in their native language. Калі да восені не вырашыцца пытанне пра стварэнне беларускамоўнага дзяржаўнага тэлеканала, Таварыства беларускай мовы імя Францішка Скарыны ў верасні пачне збор подпісаў грамадзян пад адпаведным зваротам да ўлады.

The address was forwarded to the Ministry of Information, which submitted to Mr. Trusau a letter, dated 24 April and signed by the minister Uladzimir Rusakevich. The minister pointed that there are five TV channels in Belarus and also NTV-Belarus and RTR-Belarus (Russian TV channels with Belarusian adaptation). According to Mr. Rusakevich, ‘establishment o a new TV channel on the basis of one of the acting channels would inescapably lead to changes in the informational field of the country and would cause large financial expenditures’.

The BLS head, however, is sure that the Belarusian-language channel can have its own conception and circle of spectators. He expressed the hope that the authorities will change their attitude to the Belarusian language and will establish a Belarusian-language channel by autumn 2009. Otherwise the BLS intends to start collecting signatures under the appropriate address.