Brest: opposition activists are driven away from Lenin Square

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On 1 May in Brest the police did not let activists of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) and the Party Communists Belarusian to stand in the crowd of idlers in Lenin Square, where passers-by stopped to watch the opening of the honors board of the best enterprises of the region by the city authorities.

‘Policemen and unknown persons are following us at each step’, said the head of Brest city organization of BSDP Hanna Kanius. ‘Recently we have been banned to hold a demonstration.. The ban is explained with the fact that the route we chose passes closer than 50 meters to Brest city executive committee.’

Brest social democrats and communists went to the city park ‘1 May’. At the entrance the police demanded that they removed the flags of their parties from flagpoles, because these poles could be allegedly used ‘for terrorism’.