Mahiliou Court turns down claim by independent trade union

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On 22 April Mahiliou Leninski Court turned down the claim by the independent trade union of radioelectronic industry against the illegal refusal to register the trade union’s local office by Mahiliou city authorities. The decision was based on the unanimity of the fonders’ occupations. During the trial the trade union’s legal inspector Aliaksandr Karaliou called the decision by the authorities a politically motivated one and demanded that the court reversed it, since it violated the Belarusian legislation and a number of international treaties ratified by Belarus. According to representatives of the city authorities, the claim was groundless and had to be turned down. Judge Trapynina took the side of the authorities and resolved to turn down the complaint. Members of the unregistered trade union say they are going to continue fighting for registration and inform the International Labour Organization of the verdict.