Supreme Court to humanize penal system

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The Supreme Court of Belarus has adopted a resolution advertising the use of less punitive sentences, which might be another step towards the humanization of the Belarusian penal system. The Supreme Court has admitted that the majority of Belarusian prisoners representing little social danger, and thus recommended using less punitive programs – probation, parole, as well as a graded fines system. On the other hand, grave and repeat offenders are not likely to feel relieved.
In his interview to the Sovetskaya Belorussia major stet-owned newspaper, Deputy Chair of the Supreme Court Valery Kalinkovich admitted that imprisonment is not an absolute precaution measure, the penal system still remaining the school of crime and such punishment having little to do with actual social issues. It will also help the state save some 4,000,000 Euros annually.
‘We should carefully but inevitably prepare the society for the new realities, to make it understand that imprisonment is not the only way an offence may be punished with, but can include other means of punishment,’ said Mr.Kalinkovich, referring to the positive experience in the neighbouring Latvia.
Meanwhile, President Lukashenka’s administration have drafted a bill providing for several changes to both Criminal and Administrative Codes, namely the possible reduction of punishment for certain business-related crimes – tax evasion, unauthorized business activity etc.