Salihorsk vertical bans a peaceful rally

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The aims of the rally, which Larysa Nasanovich and the entrepreneur Alexander Tsatsura intended to hold on 20 April, were to draw the attention of Salihorsk dwellers to cases of self-will and violations from the side of the local authorities and to protest against harassment of civil activists and rude trampling of civil rights by security services.

The civil activists have already collected many facts of such violations. They even intended to hand out leaflets with description of such facts, because in many cases victims of the self-will of the officials find civil activists and representatives of the trade union of radio-electronic industry, ant ask them for help, legal aid or just express their indignation.

The official reason for banning the rally is that the same day the action For Healthy Salihorsk was to be held at the stadium, where the applicants intended to hold their action.