Law on amnesty passed by House of Representatives

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On 15 April the House of Representatives of Belarus passed a bill on amnesty on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the Fascist invaders. According to the acting Minister of the Interior Anatol Kuliashou, ‘Belarus has always actually adhered to the principles of humanism as far as convicts are concerned, one of them being the adoption of amnesty laws.’
As a result, some 4,500 persons will be released from prisons to save an estimated 2 billion roubles of the state budget.
The bill provides for the release of convicts that do not present danger to the society, as well as minors, pregnant women, elderly people and persons ill with tuberculosis, AIDS etc.
Several other groups of convicts will face a reduction of sentences.
A.Kulaishou stressed that the amnesty would not increase crime rate in Belarus.