Police cannot find the persons who beat Franak Viachorka

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Franak Viachorka, forcefully drafted into the army, received a letter saying the police couldn’t find the person who injured the activist.

The letter was signed by the head of the Savetski district police department of Minsk S.Biassmertny.

‘You complaint has been considered. It was impossible to find the person who inflicted bodily harm to you. The administrative process on your request has been stopped on the grounds of part 1, item 3, Article 9.6 of the Process Code of Belarus on Administrative Offences after completion of terms of imposition of administrative penalty,’ the website of the BPF Party quotes the letter of the police department.

Bear in mind that the following day after 28 January, when F.Viachorka was unlawfully and forcefully ‘drafted’ into the army, the military prosecutor’s office recorded numerous signs of beating on him. According to the court evidence of the youth activist, he was handcuffed and beaten by policemen and people in mufti on the way to the military enlistment office and in the office in the eyes of witnesses. But the Savetski district police department failed to find the people guilty.

Vintsuk Viachorka, father of the political draftee, estimates the actions of the policemen of the Savetski district police department: ‘It would be silly of us to suppose the people guilty could be found. I saw how major Achapouski from this police department caught my son near the military enlistment office to guard him to the military hospital to re-write diagnoses. The major received the orders from a man in mufti. Policemen can only fulfill orders of such people, catch dissidents and organize policemen-witnesses, like those who in 2007 claimed I had been using obscene language near my house in the presence of my little daughter. But the time will come when the sadists will be found and punished.

By the way, a two-page Enquiry on Public Opinion Research on Work of the Law Enforcement Bodies was carefully attached to the letter. It contains a question: ‘Are you satisfied with the results of request considering?’ The possible answers are Yes and No (Why?). I choose answer 2.3 – ‘A formal reply is given’ with my additional remark ‘demonstratively cynical formal reply’.

On 5 May, at 10.00 at the address Azgur Street, 4, the Belarusian Military Court will have a session where a complaint of V.Viachorka against the refusal to instigate a criminal case on numerous facts of violation of the law during the ‘call-up” of F.Viachorka will be considered.