BPF Party is evicted from its office

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According to a letter of the Savetski district housing economy of Minsk the BPF Party must leave its office in Masherau Avenue, 8 by 8 July 2009.

The director of the housing economy M.M.Khamianok writes that ‘the BPF Party systematically violates the terms of the rent agreement: the rent is paid untimely and incompletely, as a result of which there appeared a debt, the sum of which is 6 381 396 ($2 250)’.

The housing economy demands that the BPF pay off the debt by 17 April 2009 and leave the office by 8 July 2009. In the letter it is stated that the rent agreement will not be extended, and in the case the party fails to leave the office by the specified term, the housing economy will apply to the economical court.

The responsible secretary of the BPF office, lawyer Uladzimir Labkovich gave expert evaluation of the actions of the housing economy. ‘The demand of the housing economy is groundless from the juridical point of view. We bona fide implemented the conditions of the rent agreement, even despite the astronomical hike of the rent for all Belarusian parties.

This demand is a solely political action. It is not only an attempt to destroy the BPF Party, but also an attempt to destroy a cult place in Minsk, which attracts all those who are indifferent to the future of our country. The house in Masherau Avenue, 8 is known for the concerts, presentations, press-conferences, assemblies and discussion clubs. The BPF office is a place that unites the independent Belarus.

The authorities make such an open attempt athwart their liberal rhetoric. They showed how far they can go for liquidation of the opposition in Belarus.

I think that this event fill get resonance in the Belarusian society and in Europe. The Belarusian society will threat us with more solidarity and the European politicians will get an opportunity to more give a more sober and critical evaluation to Lukashenka’s behavior,’ said Mr. Labkovich.