Pavel Seviarynets’ mother is harassed by tax inspection

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The well-known Vitsebsk activist Tatsiana Seviarynets suddenly started receiving telephone calls. The people who called her referred to the advertisement in the newspaper Iz Ruk v Ruki about the services of a private tutor. However, the woman didn’t put any ads in the newspaper. In the text of the ad it was specified that the services were expensive. Who and why did it?

The local tax inspectors immediately paid attention to the ad, that’s why the former teacher had to turn into an investigator and prove that she hadn’t put the ad in the newspaper.

Tatsiana is well-known in Vitsebsk, not only as the mother of the well-known politician Pavel Seviarynets, but also as a teacher of the Russian language and literature. Two years ago Mrs. Seviarynets was dismissed from job for political reasons. Since then she has helped her son in his political activities. In particular, she deals with the establishment of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party.

The editorial office of the newspaper apologized to Tatsiana Seviarynets. However, they did not manage to find who and why had put the ad. The activist believes that such provocative means are used to distract her from the party activities in the BHD. Other activists who signed for the state registration of the party, are persecuted as well: they are threatened with dismissals and summonsed to KGB.