Activist of ‘European Belarus’ is persecuted for action of solidarity

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Minor activist of the civil campaign European Belarus Aleh Haravy from Barysau was arrested at his lesson in lyceum.

The activist told the Cahrter’97 that he had been arrested at the lesson in lyceum of Barysau. ‘Three policemen came by two cars and took me away from classes. They didn’t introduce themselves, just said I needed to go to the police department for questioning,’ the young man said.

The police were interested in a rally of solidarity, in which Aleh Haravy took part on 16 February.

‘I was guarded to Barysau police department and questioned by children' officer Andrei Siarebranikau. He asked interested in what I had been doing on 16 February. When we were holding a picket of solidarity, police officers came up to us and ordered to stop the action. They put down the personal data of every participant and said we would be called to the police department. I was detained today at 3.00 p.m. and released 2.5 hours later. I was questioned during all this time, the activist of the European Belarus told.

The police officers drew up a report against Aleh Haravy, but refused to give him a copy.

‘They drew up a report against me, but when I asked to give me a copy, they said I could get in another place – in court or somewhere else... In other words, they didn’t give me it. They give me a warning under articles 24.23 and 234 of the Criminal Code. After that I was released,’ he said.

It should be reminded that on 16 February activists of the civil campaign European Belarus went to the center of Barysau with a national white-red-white flag, a banner ‘Solidarity’, and lit candles.

Ten minutes after the beginning of the action, officers of the local police department came up to the participants and ordered to stop the rally. The police officers put down the names of the European Belarus activists and said they would be summoned to Barysau police department within a week.

Participants of the rally Mikita Halakhvastau, Artur Dzivin, Aleh Haravy and Yauhen Halubets were threatened with expulsion from education establishments. Mikita Vlasau, who had moved to Barysau from Minsk, was rejected to be enrolled in Starabarysauskaya school.