Astravets: police ‘examine’ Ivan Kruk’s apartment

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Today three police officers and several witnesses have come to the apartment of Ivan Kruk, an activist of the campaign against construction of a nuclear power station in Astravets district. They presented to Mr. Kruk a warrant for examination of the apartment in connection with the issue of the low-circulation bulletin Astravetski Vesnik.

Yesterday the police made a similar visit to the apartment of the leader of the campaign Mikola Ulasevich. The official reason was that the head of Astravets district KGB department Shmurei informed Astravets district police department that on 4 March unknown editions had been handed out in the village of Alkhouka in Astravets district.

Nothing was found in Ulasevich’s apartment, but it was photographed and videoed from the inside and the outside.

Bear in mind that Astravetski Vesnik was issued by activists of the campaign Astravets nuclear power station is a crime. The bulletin was issued in Belarusian and Russian in the circulation of 299 copies and had 4 pages of A4 format.